The owners of understand this and would like to extend to you the use of this mental training session specifically designed for traders, “Visualize Success”.

Unless you CLEARLY see yourself as a confident, positive and successful trader, you
may find negative thoughts and influences creeping into your vision of self. See your future as bright... and profitable!

How to use this mental training session:

The session is only 7-minutes long. Most traders take the session first thing in the morning, before looking at charts, etc., but anytime is fine. Simply sit in your chair with your back comfortably supported, choose your spiral color and click the play button. Follow along. That’s it!

Take this 7-minute session every morning for 2 weeks. You want to get in 8-10 repetitions on this session. You see, each time you take the session you are building neuropathways, and with the repetitions, you will “set” these neuropathways, resulting in your new, positive behavior.

Enjoy your training!...

Visualize Success

Have trouble pulling the trigger on a trade? Do you find yourself controlled by fear of losing money, or worse, blowing out your account?

The mental training session above, “Visualize Success” is one of 10 mental training sessions included in Subconscious Training Corporations, TradingMind Software.

Here are the 10 TradingMind session titles:

  • Trading to Win Mindset
  • Strength to Take Your Losses
  • Maintaining Discipline
  • Handling Fears and Emotions
  • Maintaining Focus
  • Visualize Success
  • Coping with Losses
  • Reversing Bad Trading Habits
  • Controlling Overconfidence
  • Living In the Success Zone
The owners of believe that ALL TRADERS should own this essential mental/emotional training aid specifically designed for traders.

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Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to be the disciplined trader to you HAVE TO BE to succeed in your trading?...